Artprojx in partnership

MarketingArtprojx provides wider exposure for projects being shown elsewhere. With a very large contemporary artworld focussed database – we target an appropriate and interested audience. We also have a sense of what attracts audiences and what does not.


Cinema benefitsArtprojx is known for showing artists films in the context of the cinema. The cinema is a linear model for showing artists work and audiences are used to sitting patiently and observing for lengths of time. Artists understand that using Artprojx changes the perception of the work being screened in a cinema from that of 'film' to that of 'artist’s film'.




Credibility - Artprojx as a brand that adds or lends 'perceived' credibility and significance to any project.

Brand support - Artprojx as an acknowledged independent non-commercial brand that is recognised for showing artists films at a top level.

Partnership - Artprojx works to maximise the best benefits to the partner venue/individuals/artists - and to share information, ideas and contacts. Artprojx treats all partners as equally valued and valuable.

Experience - Artprojx has years of experience - so there is a simple and strong understanding of what can work and what does not.