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DEC 3-7 2014


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Hayal Pozanti, Virtual Diaspora, 2014, 22″, Jessica Silverman Gallery



Film: Art Basel announces 2014 program for Miami Beach

From December 3 through 7, 2014, Art Basel’s Film sector will include over 80 films and videos selected by David Gryn, director of London’s Artprojx. Gryn’s program of film and video works, drawn from the show’s participating galleries, includes work by Charles Atlas, Martin Creed, Susan Hiller, Parker Ito, Mark Leckey, Babette Mangolte, Takeshi Murata, Laure Prouvost, Alex Prager, Mark Wallinger, and a tribute to Harun Farocki, who passed away this July. In conjunction with the popular outdoor screenings in SoundScape Park on the 7,000-square-foot outdoor projection wall of the New World Center, an extended film program will be presented within Art Basel’s newly designed film viewing room inside the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Curated around the notion of Playfulness, David Gryn’s fourth selection for Film will feature a wide array of film and video works: from Susan Hiller’s scientific Resounding (Infrared) (2014) to Atsushi Kaga’s dark and quirky 2007 series of hand-drawn animations and Hans Op de Beeck’s sublime Parade (2012). A highlight of the program will pair Charles Atlas’s 1986 film Ex Romance, and a new Miami Beach-specific edit of Parker Ito’s Wipeout XL. Artist Tabor Robak and David Gryn will co-curate a series of films addressing the unearthly reverberations of the Internet, gaming, and digital magical- realism, featuring work by younger artists Jon Rafman and Oliver Laric, alongside a tribute to the late Harun Farocki. The program will also look at dance in film with works by Dara Friedman, Rashaad Newsome and the seminal filmmaker Babette Mangolte.

Every evening from 6pm to the start of the first film screening, sound works by Larry Achiampong, Jennie C. Jones, Stephen Vitiello and Raed Yassin will be presented on the state-of-the arts surround sound system in SoundScape Park.

Art Basel, whose Lead Partner is UBS, has expanded its commitment to showing diverse film and video works by designing a dedicated film viewing room within the Miami Beach Convention Center’s exhibition halls. An extended selection of over 100 selected works, also curated by Gryn, will be presented for individual, viewer-directed private screening. Access is free with an entry ticket to the show.

On Friday, December 5, at 2pm, Art Basel’s Salon program will feature
Playfulness: artists as online gamers, surfers and armchair digital revolutionaries, a talk between David Gryn and the artists Tabor Robak and Rachel Rose, moderated by the curator Chrissie Iles. Art Basel entry tickets include admission to Salon.

For the full gallery list and extended film program, please visit:




Daily (December 3 – 7)

Miami Beach Convention Center Film Library

In conjunction with the outdoor program, over 100 selected works will be presented on six touch-screen monitors within the newly designed Film Library. Access with a show entrance ticket.

Nightly (December 3 – 6)

SoundScape Park Evening Film Program
Outdoor screenings will take place in SoundScape Park on the 7,000-square-foot outdoor projection wall of the New World Center, a three-minute walk from the Miami Beach Convention Center. Admission to Film at SoundScape Park is free. Visitors are encouraged to bring blankets and lawn chairs.

Every evening from 6pm to the start of the first film screening, sound works by different artists will be presented in SoundScape Park: Wednesday: Stephen Vitiello, Scraped and Bowed, 2013-2014, Courtesy of the artist. Thursday: Larry Achiampong, The Mogya Project, 2014, Courtesy of the artist. Friday: Jennie C. Jones, From the Low to Higher Resonance, 2011-2014, Sikkema Jenkins & Co. Saturday: Raed Yassin, The Deaf Oud, 2010), Kalfayan Galleries.

Free public access, seating is limited – bring a blanket or lawn chair.


Wednesday, December 3 | 8pm | Playfulness

Running time 65′

In this program the intelligence, wit, and humor of artists such as Turner Prize winners Mark Leckey, Elizabeth Price, Martin Creed, and Laure Prouvost will be punctuated, among others, by the brief digitally animated paintings of Hayal Pozanti and the slapstick human sculptural intervention of Wood & Harrison.

Hayal Pozanti, A Lifetime of Likes, 2014, 25″, Jessica Silverman Gallery
Wood & Harrison, Board, 1993, 3’02”, Carroll / Fletcher
Alex Rodri´guez, Nocturno 2, 2013, 3’59”, Casas Riegner
Hayal Pozanti, IP Overlords, 2014, 12″, Jessica Silverman Gallery
Mark Leckey, Pearl Vision, 2012, 3’10”, Gavin Brown’s enterprise, Cabinet, Galerie Buchholz
Wood & Harrison, Headstand, 1995, 1’02”, Carroll / Fletcher
Brian Bress, The Portrait Room, 2006, 4’10”, Cherry and Martin
Hayal Pozanti, Mobile Blinders, 2014, 15″, Jessica Silverman Gallery
Elizabeth Price, The Tent, 2012, 12′, MOT International
Rachel Rose, A Minute Ago, 2014, 8’43”, Courtesy of the artist
Hayal Pozanti, Virtual Diaspora, 2014, 22″, Jessica Silverman Gallery
Camille Henrot, Coupe´/De´cale´, 2010, 5’20”, Metro Pictures, kamel mennour
Wood & Harrison, Device, 1996, 2’45”, Carroll / Fletcher
Tomislav Gotovac, Feeling 7, 2000, 4’06”, Alexander Gray Associates, galerie frank elbaz

Hayal Pozanti, Empathy Box, 2014, 22″, 2014, 25″, Jessica Silverman Gallery
Taro Izumi, Steak House, 2009, 3’51”, Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois
Laure Prouvost, For A Better Life, 2006, 1’52”, MOT International
Wood & Harrison, Three-Legged, 1997, 3’39”, Carroll / Fletcher
Martin Creed, Work No. 670 Orson and Sparky, 2007, 4’16”, Hauser & Wirth

Wednesday, December 3 | 9pm | Armchair Surfers
Running time 60′
The artists in this program place a mirror in front of us – the Armchair Surfers of the 21st century – to explore the impact of an all-encompassing digitized world on humanity. In these works humor, titillation, coolness, memories, self-absorption and otherwise quirky reflections merge with our daily consumption of social media.

CAR (Conceptual Artists Research/Michelle Grabner), Pool, 1996, 3’10”, James Cohan Gallery
Saya Woolfalk, ChimaTek: Hybridization Machine, 2013, 3’40”, Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects
Chris Doyle (with music by Joe Arcidiacono), Waste_Generation, 2010-2011, 6’29”, Andrew Edlin Gallery
CAR (Conceptual Artists Research/Michelle Grabner), Egg Toss, 1996, 1’52”, James Cohan Gallery
Charles Richardson, Rehearsal (Miami edit), 2014, 4’, Courtesy of the artist
Nate Boyce, Scroll Sequence, 2014, 5’33”, Altman Siegel
Dashiell Manley, Untitled, 2011, 7’49”, Jessica Silverman Gallery
Florian Meisenberg, You are certainly entitled to this opinion, 2014, 7’40”, Wentrup
Leo Gabin, Oh Baby, 2013, 2’49”, Elizabeth Dee, Peres Projects
CAR (Conceptual Artists Research/Michelle Grabner) and David Robbins, Appleton East High School Band, 1999, 1’33”, James Cohan Gallery
Clunie Reid, Wet Dave (boom boom), 2009, 5’34”, MOT International
Saya Woolfalk, Chimera, 2013, 2’49”, Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects
Jayson Musson, Art Thoughtz with Hennessy Youngman: Beuys-Z, 2011, 5’11”,Salon 94

Wednesday, December 3 | 10pm | Ex-Romance
Running time 64′
Charles Atlas has been a pioneering figure in film and video for over four decades, working with some of the most seminal, groundbreaking choreographers of our time, such as Michael Clark and the late Merce Cunningham. In this program, Atlas’s film Ex- Romance (1986) will be paired with a special 2014 Miami-edit of Wipeout XL by Parker Ito, heightening the common ground between the artists’ incongruous interests – from Tarot to foot-fetishes.

Charles Atlas, Ex Romance, 1986, 48’23”, Luhring Augustine

Parker Ito, Wipeout XL (Miami Beach), 2014 15’44”, Courtesy of the artist

Thursday, December 4 | 10pm | The Digital Revolutionaries
Running time 67′
Co-curated by the artist Tabor Robak and David Gryn, this program will address the unearthly reverberations of the Internet, gaming, and digital magical-realism. The evening will conclude with a tribute to the seminal filmmaker Harun Farocki, whose work Parallel II (2012) examines the uncanny visual world-making of digital gaming.

Tabor Robak (with music by Fatima Al Qadiri), Vatican Vibes, 2011, 5’16”, team (gallery, inc.)

Jon Rafman, Popova-Lissitzky Office Complex, 2013, 2’10”, Courtesy of the artist
Jon Rafman, Juan Gris Dream House, 2013, 2′, Courtesy of the artist
Tabor Robak, 20XX, 2013, 6’43”, team (gallery, inc.)
Tabor Robak (with music by Gatekeeper), EXO (long version), 2012, 35’45”, team (gallery, inc.)
Oliver Laric, Versions 2012, 2012, 6’17”, Tanya Leighton
Harun Farocki, Parallel II, 2012, 9’, Greene Naftali Gallery, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac

Friday, December 5 | 8pm | Radio Ga Ga
Running time 62′
Radio broadcasting – the audible transmission of information through radio waves – is a powerful medium that has long influenced human events. Concepts of radio and waves will be explored in this program, bookended by works that draw from broadcasts that go unnoticed, such as Bill Balaskas’ cobbled together news bulletins and Susan Hiller’s translations of radio frequencies emitted by the Big Bang.

Bill Balaskas, Info, 2011, 4’30”, Kalfayan Galleries
Frank Heath, Invasive Species, 2012, 11’30”, Simone Subal Gallery
Wagner Malta Tavares, Ondas Curtas, 2013, 8’52”, Galeria Marilia Razuk
Vartan Avakian, ShortWave / LongWave, 2009, 7’13”, Kalfayan Galleries
Susan Hiller, Resounding (Infrared), 2014, 30′, Timothy Taylor Gallery

Friday, December 5 | 9pm | The Night of Forevermore
Running time 65′
The Night of Forevermore focuses on artists who employ cinematic and theatrical tropes: Ciprian Muresan reconsiders Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali’s Surrealist classic Un Chien Andalou (1929) through the blockbuster animation Shrek (2001), while Jose Davila applies his signature cutout method to Sergio Leone’s classic Spaghetti Western The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1966).

Ciprian Muresan, Un chien andalou, 2004, 51”, David Nolan Gallery
Tomislav Gotovac, Feeling 4, 2000, 3′, Alexander Gray Associates, galerie frank elbaz
Olaf Breuning, The Apple, 2006, 11’05”, Metro Pictures
Jose Davila, The Stranger, the Stranger, and the Stranger, 2014, 2’56”, Galeria OMR
Laure Prouvost, OWT, 2007, 3’20”, MOT International
Maya Watanabe, A-PHAN-OUSIA, 2008, 4’45”, 80m2 Livia Benavides
Tim Davis, La La Traviata, 2013, 12’05”, Van Doren Waxter
Marnie Weber, The Night of Forevermore, 2012, 14’45”, Simon Lee Gallery
Hans Op de Beeck, Parade, 2012, 11’25”, Galleria Continua
Alex Prager, Sunday, 2010, 1’08”, Lehmann Maupin

Saturday, December 6 | 8pm | Rites of Spring
Running time 62′
From historical positions, such as Babette Mangolte’s 1978 collaboration with dancer Trisha Brown, to recent works such as Rashaad Newsome’s 2014 KNOT, this program will explore the radical implications of dance. Both Miami-based artist Dara Friedman and the Canadian-born Marcel Dzama were inspired by historical dance pieces: Igor Stravinsky’s ballet Rites of Spring and Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet. Five short animations by the young Greek artist Rania Bellou will punctuate the screenings.

Rania Bellou, Punctuated Hi/stories, 2014, 2’58”, Kalfayan Galleries

Dara Friedman, Rite, 2014, 4’10”, Gavin Brown’s enterprise
Pilar Albarracin, Musical Dancing Spanish Doll, 2013, 3’25”,
Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois
Rania Bellou, Exercising Catching an Apple, 2008, 12”, Kalfayan Galleries
Marcel Dzama, A Game of Chess, 2011, 14’02”, Sies + Hoke, David Zwirner
Ana Roldan, Construction concerned with the relationship between dissimilar emotional values in a composition with black and white, 2008, 2’12”, Instituto de vision
Rania Bellou, Tight Rope / Prison Privacy, 2008, 39”, Kalfayan Galleries
Brian Bress, Rock Your Body, 2005, 4’45”, Cherry and Martin
Rashaad Newsome, KNOT, 2014, 4′, Marlborough Gallery
Rania Bellou, Flying Go Around, 2011, 21”, Kalfayan Galleries
Dara Friedman, Ishmael and the Well of Ancient Mysteries, 2014, 12’, Gavin Brown’s enterprise
Babette Mangolte, Trisha Brown WATER MOTOR, 1978, 7’55”, Broadway 1602, Sikkema Jenkins & Co.
Rania Bellou, Trampoline / The Objectivity of Unprejudiced Witness, 2011, 22”, Kalfayan Galleries
Liu Chuang, Untitled (Dancing Partners), 5’14”, 2010, Salon 94

Saturday, December 6 | 9pm | The Magic of Things
Running time 70′
This program is inspired by and will feature Mark Wallinger’s The Magic of Things (2010), a video of edited scenes from the popular 1970s TV sitcom Bewitched, in which everyday objects such as knives or glasses are magically moved by the good witch Samantha. Films with a similarly playful approach will be presented, interspersed with hand-drawn animations from the Japanese artist Atsushi Kaga.

Atsushi Kaga, Hole 1, 2007, 42”, mother’s tankstation
David Shrigley, Ones, 2009, 2’24”, Stephen Friedman Gallery
Brian Alfred, Under Thunder and Fluorescent Lights, 2014, 3′, Ameringer/McEnery/Yohe
Atsushi Kaga, Hole 2, 2007, 28”, mother’s tankstation
Hiraki Sawa, Hako, 2006, 4′, James Cohan Gallery
Takeshi Murata, OM Rider, 2013, 11’39”, Salon 94, Ratio 3
Atsushi Kaga, Hole 3, 2007, 28”, mother’s tankstation
Robin Rhode, Paper Planes, 2009, 2’40”, Lehmann Maupin
Theo Michael, The Splendour of the Heavens, 2008, 10′, Galeria OMR
David Shrigley, The Artist, 2012, 2’24”, Stephen Friedman Gallery
Hiraki Sawa, Migration, 2003, 6′, James Cohan Gallery
Mark Wallinger, The Magic of Things, 2010, 10’32”, Galerie Krinzinger
Atsushi Kaga, Hole 4, 2007, 31”, mother’s tankstation
Cecile B. Evans, The Brightness, 2014, 4’48’’, Courtesy of the artist
Brent Green, To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given, 2011-2012, 10’15”, Andrew Edlin Gallery
Atsushi Kaga, Hole 5, 2007, 41”, mother’s tankstation



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