4 October 2006



Artprojx and onedotzero presents:

in association with Postmasters NY

A London Games Festival Fringe Event

MIND GAMES (The Art of Video Games)

Wednesday 4 October 2006. 6.30-8.30pm

Artprojx at Prince Charles Cinema

7 Leicester Place, London WC2.

Box Office: +44 (0) 20 7494 3654 (open 1-9pm)

Tickets £10.00

Artist and Student ticket discount information visit www.artupdate.com/artprojx

Screening organised by David Gryn

Contact/info/press events@artprojx.com

+44(0)7711 127 848

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Artprojx 06 is kindly supported by Arts Council England, Lottery Funded www.artscouncil.org.uk


Artprojx and onedotzero presents:

in association with Postmasters NY

a London Games Festival Fringe Event


MIND GAMES (The Art of Video Games)

Featuring the following contemporary visual moving image artists:

Cao Fei, Kristin Lucas, Miltos Manetas, Diego Perrone, Yorgos Sapountzis, Eddo Stern, Patrick Tuttofuoco

Curated by Gyonata Bonvicini and David Gryn.

& featuring a presentation of onedotzero’s lens flare, including: Ghost in the Shell, World of Warcraf
t, Eve Online, Ghost Recon 3, Burnout Revenge, getting up, Resident Evil 4, Okami, Darkwatch, Onimusha 4, Killzone


MIND GAMES was conceived to show the variety of international contemporary artists that are concerned with the language and aesthetics of video games and their culture. The logic of linking up with onedotzero's lens flare programme is to show the creative talent and innovation of Games creators/developers. Postmasters Gallery in NY have been leading lights in the international art market over the last decade in the commercial representation of artists actively engaged in new media explorations. This programme mixes together two 'mind' sets that are gradually becoming more intertwined and the boundaries between their differing outputs more blurred.



The history of videogames is a history of technological experiment, of interaction, and of production, distribution and presentation mechanisms. Above all it is a history of creative exploration of the multiple expressive capabilities of this medium.

Artprojx and onedotzero are pleased to present two distinct videoscreenings that allow to examine how visual art and videogames aesthetic can interact through innovative use of creativity and technology. ‘Mind Games’, curated by Gyonata Bonvicini and David Gryn, and ‘lens flare’, curated by onedotzero, offer the context for bringing together a large number of highly significant works that have been produced by both commercial video games developers and established international artists working in this field.

With the advent of readily available computer technology, a new generation of visual artists has emerged that uses computer graphic software to create innovative art, or that incorporates digital technology in the final piece, process, or subject.

‘Mind Games’ is a selection of artists employing the videogames’ aesthetic to create and develop their own intellectual constructs. This specific vision explores modes of perception and the constructive projections inherent in visual arts. Mirroring this virtual reality, visual artists often feel cut off from the outside world while being its inside and outside. Yet they are neither one nor the other. They are in between, in a zone of exchange, in which linguistic and narrative conventions function as a metaphor for pretended introspection, projecting the viewer’s eye towards the eye of the others.

On the other hand, with ‘lens flare’ video game visuals take their rightful place here on the big screen, featuring excerpts and in-game cut sequences that showcase the most innovative and visceral contemporary gaming cinematics, featuring clips from many new and unreleased games and several exclusive next generation console titles.

In addition Artprojx and onedotzero continue to programme presentations and panel discussions with internationally lauded artists and videogames developers, giving international audiences a rare chance to get closer to leading creatives. This event aims to nurture artistic achievement in the various fields of the media arts and bring new qualities into the evolution of our technological culture. The show will be a laboratorium, where videogames developers and artists meet, a window into the fuTS


Participating Artists

Cao Fei

Kristin Lucas

Miltos Manetas

Diego Perrone

Yorgos Sapountzis

Eddo Stern

Patrick Tuttofuoco

Artist Information

Gyonata Bonvicini
Critic and independent curator based in London. Art History graduate from the University of Parma, faculty lecturer until 2003. Art studies in Germany (University of Bonn), specialised in Contemporary Art in Parma and Milan. Published monographies on Alfred Kubin (1998) and Ugo Sterpini (2003). Initiated independent curating in 2002 and has written numerous articles and catalogue texts both for individual artists and institutions. Regular contributor to Flash Art and Aroundphotography magazines. Among other projects he curated: ‘Le Retour de la Colonne Durutti’ (Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin, June/August 2006), ‘The Endless Summer’ (westlondonprojects, London, April/May 2006), ‘Three Cities: Berlin’ (ACGebbers Bibliothekswohnung, Berlin, March 2006), in collaboration with Anna-Catharina Gebbers and Paolo Zani, ‘Jaybird’ (Zero…, Milan, November 2005/January 2006), ‘Take It Furthur! Part 1 & 2’ (Andrew Mummery Gallery, London, July/September 2005), 'Artprojx Cinema Series 2' (Prince Charles Cinema, London, October 2004) in collaboration with David Gryn, 'Illusion of Security', Prague Biennale 1 (National Gallery of Modern Art, Prague, June 2003) in collaboration with Lino Baldini and 'Nature/Nature' (Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Piacenza, May 2003). Forthcoming projects: ‘Minotaur Blood’ (Fortescue Avenue, London, September/October 2006), ‘Three Cities: Milan’ (Via Farini 56, Milan, September 2006), in collaboration with Anna-Catharina Gebbers and Paolo Zani, ‘Three Cities: London’ (Teesdale Street, London, October 2006), in collaboration with Anna-Catharina Gebbers and Paolo Zani