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Pure Cinema

A film by

Ravi Deepres & Michael Baig Clifford

Thursday 20 September 6-8pm

Rugby Art Gallery & Museum

Exhibition continues until 11 November 2007

Co-commissioned by Rugby Art Gallery & Museum and Fracture Dance and Moving Image Programme


World Premiere

A new moving image installation by Ravi Deepres

as part of a new creation - Choreographed by Wayne McGregor.

Paris Opera House 26 Oct - 4 Nov.

This new film installation is formed from specific
previously shot material relating to a conceptual
interpretation of the inquiries of Charles Darwin.
This work is both filmic and choreographic in it's
making and presentation and relates to creation and
evolution. The visual elements are hypnotic, beautiful
and aggressive in their different states and combine
the worlds of nature, art and science. This is used as
a platform to express ideas and remind us of our own
evolutionary process and thinking, and of our
instictive connection and reaction to the natural

The first film created for Genus is of a prehistoric
desert landscape. This was shot in Spain in the
Bardenas desert. The film is a timelapse from sunrise
to moonrise shot over 14hours using a photographic
stills technique which combines over 10,000 collected
stills as a moving image.

The timelapse desert signifies a full cycle, a raw and
untouched vision of the birth of the natural world and
the evolution that follows.

The second film is made from a mixture of naturally
ocurring and scientifically investigated/collected
aesthetic material, some of which was shot at The
Paleantology museum, Paris, and The Darwin Archive-
Natural History museum, London.

The film work is conceived by Ravi Deepres with
additional collaboration from Luke Unsworth, and
graphic and film production assistance from Evy
Dutheil, Karen Perez, and Nicole Horton.