Artprojx is a marketing, event production, virtual space, fundraising and audience development and creative strategic consulting agency - utilizing its pre-eminence in the artworld as a leading brand that exhibits and promotes artists' films and videos in the context of the cinema.

Working with a variety of corporate and charitable bodies, artists, individuals and arts institutions both nationally and worldwide, Artprojx plan innovative and viable arts- and culture-focused solutions to integrate with business, marketing and individual needs.

Artprojx acts as a conduit and catalyst between the contemporary arts world and its potential supporters, creating genuine opportunities that bring new audiences, clients and benefactors. Artprojx role is understanding the needs and requirements of all parties, joining them together for the best advantage of all.

Artprojx has a large database that encompasses artists, curators, art venues, collectors, students, press, all media and general art interested audiences.


Artprojx provides bespoke arts related marketing solutions

Harness the power of your brand via:

- arts email marketing

- art sponsorship

- art events

- art audiences

- art credibility

- art networking platforms

- art venue rental

- innovative business development

Artprojx in partnership